Welcome friends! I am back!

I have taken at least a year off of our web/blog/ newsletter communications – due in part to wonderfully fantastic events happening with me and taking the time to retreat to my own “cave” to really look at the direction of my yoga journey.

Part of this thinking was “If I remove myself from the social media community, would it serve to help me connect with you in real life?” The answer has been a resounding yes! I have been fortunate to meet a lot of you and connect on many levels and experience many things.

In this light I’m going to share what I have been up to and brace your self for BIG NEWS at the end…

Last year, I signed with Lole as their ambassador ( shout out to Lole St Catherine) and am moving into my second year with them. I had the opportunity to co lead the 2017 Lole White Tour which was one of the most fantastic experiences of my life! 7,000 people breathing, moving, flowing, holding space, being vulnerable was pure magic.

In my musical career as DJ Seriousblack; I got to travel the world with the Wanderlust Festival and take my family along with me.

In between always returning to Montreal to study the deeper tenants of the Ashtanga yoga tradition with my teacher Jamie Lee, which in actuality is no small feat.

All of this makes for a whirl wind 2017!

The big news ?
In April, Loraine Overall, Sandra Power and myself combined to acquire a yoga studio and boutique.
BIGGER NEWS IS – this is the same studio I have spent the last four years teaching, growing, breathing and learning in! Yoga-b which is now Beco Yoga & Boutique Ecologique in Saint Lambert.

Stay tuned here for more big news coming for the spring and summer season!



7pm-8:30 PM Easy Flow/ Flow Facile ( Intro to Vinyasa) @ BECO Yoga & Boutique Ecologique


8:30 -9:45 AM  Ashtanga Primary Series @ BECO Yoga & Boutique Ecologique


10am-11:30 AM The Flow/ Le Flow @ BECO Yoga & Boutique Ecologique