20h00 – 21h30  Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series @ Béco Yoga & Boutique Écologique


17h00 – 18h00  Vinyasa Flow @ Yoga Sangha


9:30 – 11 AM Vinyasa Krama @ Béco Yoga & Boutique Écologique


8:30 – 9:45 AM Yoga Tune Up FIX@ Béco Yoga & Boutique Écologique


Sign into any of my classes at Béco Yoga with this link   Béco Yoga

Sign in to any of my classes at Yoga Sangha with this link Yoga Sangha

I’d love to see you on your mat, breathing, glowing and mastering the self!!


Wanderlust ATLANTA

April 6-7, 2019

I hope you will #MeetMeInAtlanta at the Wanderlust Festival, April 6-7. I can’t wait to be part of such an amazing lineup of teachers, thought leaders and wellness professionals bringing their expertise and love to Atlanta. And its the first TWO day festival of its kind! It can’t get anymore brilliant than that!

I am stoked to join this line up and kick off the first Wanderlust festival of the year wearing my other hat as DJ Seriousblack and later on in the season presenting in my home town….TOO MUCH FUN!

If you want more information on the Festival or to purchase your tickets follow the link below. I hope to see you there.

Discover the lineup : https://wanderlust.com/festivals/atlanta/schedule/

Register here:   https://wanderlust.com?rfsn=2331516.4b1ae9

Discount code: SISLESWL19 for 10% OFF  any 1 day, 2 day or 4 day festival ***don’t forget to use the code during purchase

Be Present. Be Patient. Be Here Now

Be Here Now.

BIG KAHUNA LOVE to you for joining me at the Urban Yogi Hang suite during Expo Yoga 2019. So much magic happened in our workshop, I do not have enough words yet to bring it all home. Many of you expressed a feeling beyond measure, some of you left things that were not yours to carry in the scared fire, and then some of you came with expectations and left with a sense of wonder and fulfilment, and many of you experienced what it was like to really let go.

Ultimately however Connection is the currency we traded in.

I tell people all the time, Urban Yogi Hangsuite is a class about connection, where we do yoga, not a just a yoga class, with a little bit of connection thrown in.

The whole point of the UYH is PRESENCE; not just to be more present. By being more present we break the spell of forgetfulness we live under most of the time. We forget that we are not here for long on this planet and neither is anyone around us. We forget that each life and every moment is profoundly precious. Presence opens the door to more reverence for ourselves, others and nature.

To me, the greatest gesture of this attitude is a HUG where we connect not just to another person but to our highest vibrational Self.

The love (universal love) , you shared with me and with each other is a force in the universe like gravity and electromagnetism. The whole purpose of life is to tune into this gift of the universe, and did we ever tune in.

I hope you feel the Love because Love is the greatest gift of the universe. Let it flow through you today and every day.

I am honoured beyond words to have shared this experience with you – I look forward to sharing the UYHS workshop and trainings in the future now.

Be Patient. Be Present. Be Here Now.


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International Women’s Day X Lolë  #BalanceforBetter

March 8 , 2019

With the 2019 International Women’s Day theme Balance For Better, we ask: What does it really mean to lead a balanced life?

While we understand this #balanceforbetter seeks to establish gender equality in a much broader sense, what if – as women – we started to change the paradigm within our personal lives to embrace a bit more chaos?

We are forever engaged in a seemingly endless battle to balance work, family, kids, careers, school and countless other tasks that we add to our planners in each and every moment.

So, on this IWD, we are asking : What if we changed this paradigm and started to embrace chaos instead and what might this look like? What if that meant living in the present moment embracing the ebb and flow of change in each moment and instead of resisting to it we embraced these changes and find solace in them?

What if we were given tools to be able to move towards this new paradigm that would help us to navigate both balance and chaos…a bit more smoothly?

Lolë Ste-Catherine is ready to get this conversation started – with a first of its kind event that combines meditation, yoga asana and real life discussions; an opportunity to exchange ideas on these topics as we communally build a road map to this journey

Join Selena Isles, Global Lolë Ambassador and creator of Radiance & Ritual and Sandra Power, Meditation teacher, coach and co owner of Béco Yoga + boutique écologique as they lead you through a meditation practice, Radiance & Ritual yoga asana practice and circle conversation to navigate these questions and much more.

Lolë shows support for women and celebrates (IWD) International Women’s Day! In the spirit of supporting our future female leaders, Lolë is partnering with FILLACTIVE, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping teenage girls discover the benefits and importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. 100% of proceeds generated from our IWD activations will be donated to the organization.

Learn more about FILLACTIVE: www.fillactive.ca/a-propos/fillactive. Join this movement on March 8th and take part in an exclusive Yoga and Meditation seminar.

Friday March, 8 , 2019

Exclusive DJ Set by DJ Seriousblack in store from 14h-17h

Seminar from 18h-20h

Lolë Ste Catherine 954 St Catherine Street W

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