19h30 – 21h00  Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series @ Béco Yoga & Boutique Écologique


16h30 – 17h45  Vinyasa Flow @ Yoga Sangha


12h00 -13h00 Vinyasa @ Yoga Sangha


9:30 – 11 AM Vinyasa Krama @ Béco Yoga & Boutique Écologique


Sign into any of my classes at Béco Yoga here:   Béco Yoga

Sign in to any of my classes at Yoga Sangha here:  Yoga Sangha

I’d love to see you on your mat, breathing, glowing and flowing!!


Lole 21 Day Yoga Challenge

Presented in partnership with Kashi

June 1 – 21 , 2019

“The only thing bigger than fear is curiosity”. Have you ever wanted to try yoga but thought “nah I’m not flexible” or “I’m not in shape” or “I’m scared because I don’t know any moves?” You and 88% of the population feel this way.

So how about you join me and a LIT Tribe of Yogis of all shapes and sizes June 1st for the 21 Day Yoga Challenge presented by Kashi with Lole!

Each day I’ll pop into your inbox joined by this tribe to walk you through one asana (position) per day for 21 days! From easy to challenging!

Best of all its ABSOLUTELY FREE and the only thing you have to do is follow the link below to join.

21 days is all you need make something a habitual – so one pose a day for the 21 days will open you to the possibilities of taking your health and breath back into your own hands.

Why not? You can practice in your pj’s or gather some friends and have a few laughs! You will even see me and the tribe crack a few jokes and laughs between us!

AND you have the chance to win a pair of tickets to the Lole White Tour this year on Parc Jean-Drapeau

I’d be so honoured to appear in your inbox and have you join me for this….lets journey together.

Sign up here https://ca-en.lolelife.com/pages/yoga-challenge-subscription

Wanderlust STRATTON

June 20-23 , 2019

TRIBE!! I hope you will #MeetMeInStratton at the Wanderlust Festival, June 20-23. I can’t wait to be part of such an amazing lineup of teachers, thought leaders and wellness professionals bringing their expertise and love to Vermont. And guess not only am I spinning the tunes, I’ll be presenting in Stratton for the first time! 3 different classes plus laying down the wax I guarantee it will be EPIC!

If you want more information on the Festival or to purchase your tickets follow the link below. I hope to see you there.

Discover the lineup : Wanderlust Stratton

Register here:   https://wanderlust.com?rfsn=2331516.4b1ae9

Sign up for SOUL II SOUL Sacred Movement and Writing here: https://wanderluststratton2019.sched.com/event/QDlj?iframe=no

Sign up for HOLY SHIFT meditations here :

Discount code: SISLESWL19 for 10% OFF  any 1 day, 2 day or 4 day festival ***don’t forget to use the code during purchase

Be Present. Be Patient. Be Here Now

Selena Isles Yoga – What is it?

Many years ago I came to yoga as you know because of traumatic injury that ended my athletic career. Prior to that I used to think yoga something my mom and elders did to keep cool, calm and collected in the face of us children.  I went from rising star to injured athletic “has been”, spiralled into self despair, depression and negative connotations, losing scholarships, friends and everything that I “thought” I was.

However this forced me to rewrite my whole story, self check myself and what I believed to be true of myself; in essence before Brene Brown coined the term I had to lean into the hard stuff and touch the face of vulnerability.  I found rediscovered Buddhism around this same time and it lifted me out slowly, I vowed at 19, to commit myself to some sort of path. When I finally got to Thailand with no “real” yoga practice other than the asana and meditation I practiced at home with my mom a devote Iyengar student, I was like a fish out of water for the first time. I had to learn to lean in again and be vulnerable – this would be the first of many times.

My time spent with the monks on Wat Suan Moh threw my connotations out the window as we practiced no asana for the first year only mediation, silence and karma/Bhakti yoga. This dismantled me from the inside out – meditation or hours of it on the cold floor did the rest. When we did touch asana I was astounded at the simplicity the practice, I learned the original 84 asana that Shiva stated were “appropriate” for men to learn in this age. For years I was a Nath Hatha acolyte. I believed stillness would uncover everything there was to know and so I practiced this asana according to the Hatha tenants, and meditation in silence and stillness until I could no longer trace the lines of fluidity in the stillness. It was around that time that I started to link the poses to breath, and practice Ashtanga Vinyasa, then I really began to see the microcosm in the macro and vice versa.

I thought to myself and questioned my teachers many times over ”why can we not have a practice that integrates both movement and stillness, alignment and precision with breath and flow”. Many raised eyebrows, and years later I developed my style that integrates the breath based flow of Ashtanga and the precision of Iyengar into a deep, sweaty and integrative mind/body experience, all the while dropping ancient texts and wisdom, using urban vernacular.

And that is the simple secret to my practice finding the threads or sutras of the macrocosm and bringing it to everyone. I believe strongly in yoga for everybody and all bodies, and so my practices develop and emanate from this place of stillness juxtaposed against movement and meditation. Being a single mother, and international DJ touring and teaching all year round I am in deep need of my yoga practice; it healed my broken body and mind two decades ago and now keeps my soul intact on a daily basis.

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