We out’chere

I am a yoga +meditation steward, speaker, creatrix and “Tha Legendary” DJ Seriousblack.

I am known for motivating my students through my own passion. I am fully certified Yoga teacher (who are we kidding, I will continue to refer to myself as student; it’s a LIFELONG PRACTICE) ,certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, a masters of Wisdom & Meditation steward and work in Physiotherapy/ Rehabilitation Therapies.

I teach from the inside out.

Having worked in the wellness community for the past 27 years, I teach from a deep understanding of movement dynamics and body consciousness. Keeping students and practitioners engaged using unique modifications and variations to the classic repertoire, my sessions encourage focus, concentration and forgiveness.

I am a little boy mama, the co creatrix at Legendary Yoga & Wellness. I’m an Aquarius (double scorpio, in case anyone was asking) I’m a lover of all things soulful and analog. I love sneakers, vinyls, sci-fi, and street art aka graffiti; two my movies are High Fidelity and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

I love road trips, 90s rap and hip hop culture, rose petal oat milk lattes and slow quiet mornings living in the country looking out my window. I am also the forerunner of embracing chaos and how to do that without losing your shit. Yes I cuss, it’s good for clearing your throat chakra and to make sure everyone’s listening, to quote Lauryn Hill ” And I add a muthafucka, so the ignorant n***as hear me”.

Making my life a ritual are the practices that bring me back to myself, the passions of my life.

I want to share that passion with you. 



Legendary Yoga & Wellness Build a legendary mindset, one move at a time.

At Legendary Yoga & Wellness we want you to come prepared to breathe, sweat, and LAUGH together. I believe in yoga for ALL BODIES and EVERYBODY! I design each class as a dynamic event, a celebration that nurtures your personal practice and roots you deep.

Due to Covid19 all of my practices and offerings are fluctuating between virtual spaces and live studio sessions.

Schedule a HOLY SHIFT session to keep your practice active or empower your LEGENDARY mindset one breath at a time start https://calendly.com/thalegendary/holy-shift